Imagine a box, not much bigger than a microwave, that could provide enough clean energy to power your home. In this world, grids are redundant and energy is as free to move as you are.

Such energy independence will change the way we live our lives. To get a glimpse of this, consider what happened when our cabled internet transitioned to a wireless one. Work moved from inside at a desk to outside on a sun lounger, entertainment moved from the living room to every room and an entirely new ecosystem ‘The Internet of Things’ suddenly came into being.

Energy is more fundamental to our lives than the internet and so we can expect the changes to be more profound. Once we are no longer bound by our centralised infrastructure we’ll be free to choose our own destiny and to become the natural explorers that humans are all born to be.

What would you do? Where would you go? Your imagination is the only limit. Uninhabited regions suddenly become liveable, building a heated greenhouse in your back garden to feed your family for a lifetime would be natural, you could even desalinate the ocean, irrigate the desert and grow crops in places where they haven’t grown for thousands of years. You decide, because you can decide, because you’ll be free.

This world is not a fantasy, it is a world powered by cold fusion energy.



Details are coming soon.

In the meantime, check out our 2 page cold fusion primer.